Good Friday Stations of the Cross in the Streets

6 Apr

A procession through the streets of Detroit pausing at various sites to relfect on where  crucifixion is happening today. About 2 miles. A van accompanies for the weary.

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Palm Sunday: Occupy the Temple Currency Exchange with Charlie King/Karen Brandow

1 Apr

Palm Sunday Worship with folk music by Karen Brandow and Charlie King on the theme of "Jesus Occupies the Temple Money Changer." All welcome.

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Festival of Enlightenment

24 Mar

Henry Foord Community College's  independent, alternative radio station  WHFR ( 89.3 FM) is hosting the fourth annual holistic fair.

Several guest speakers will give lectures throughout the afternoon on various holistic and metaphysical topics.

Attendees receive one-on-one access to some of the best holistic experts in the area.

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PO Box 7334,
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107
See map: Google Maps

Aura Glaser, is a dharma teacher, author, and clinical psychologist who integrates spiritual, psychological and embodiment work.  She has studied with Judith Blacksone and is a certified embodiment teacher.  Aura is a student of Gelek Rimpoche and co-founder of Jewel Heart, an international Tibetan Buddhist organization, where she has been a senior teacher for twenty years.

Aura is the original owner of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Web: http://www.auraglaser.c...

Walking the Talk to Compassion and Harmony

23 Mar

This is the Fourth Annual Religion, Conflict and Peace Conference sponsored in conjunction with the Common Bond Institute to help promote inter-religious dialogue to explore the challenges of social paranoia, intolerance, negative stereotyping, scapegoating, racism, hate crimes, Islamophobia, and its effects on all communities.

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24 Feb

There will be a demonstration outside of the Detroit Economic Club event where Mitt Romney is appearing at Ford Field ( located at 2000 Brush Street in Detroit)

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Phyllis Bennis

23 Feb

The Detroit Renaissance District Peace Center of the United Methodist Church will host an evening event with Phyllis Bennis, introduced by Congressman John Conyers.

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"TEACH - IN" on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

23 Feb

The Palestinian BDS movement - inspired by the boycott and divestment activism of both the civil rights movement in the United States and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa - offers a real path to a just peace.

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Native American Sustainable Agriculture Series

28 Feb

Jeff Metoxen of the Tsyunhehka, Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems will be the speaker in the second series of Oneida project.


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Touching the Earth

11 Feb

Touching the Earth Embodiment, Renewal & Letting Go

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