Shocker: Do Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Increase Mortality?

18 Nov

Detroit area integrative MD, Dr. David Brownstein, has offered some much-needed perspective on a recent study that garnered heavy media coverage.

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Reflexology is an ancient health remedy from the far east; it originated in Egypt five thousand years ago. It is based on the theory that there are reflexes in your hands and feet that are not only linked, but also corresponds, to every organ, gland, and body part. Today it is a holistic healing technique used in China, Japan, and Korea. as a natural non-invasive remedy for many health ailments.  The reflexology sessions are applied by a certified and trained reflexologist. Reflexology decreases stress and tension, it increases blood and nerve circulation and balances the body energies. This is done by the removal of toxic uric acid crystal from the reflexes. Reflexology can benefit anyone from infants to elderly. It can relieve colic, improve circulation, reduce pain and enhance mobility and much more. 

Schedule an appointment with us and find out how reflexology could be a low cost alternative to improve any health problems you are facing.

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NLA opened its doors in May 2010. We are fully staffed with professionals who will assist you with a plan that's right for your body type. We provide individualized confidential services, for reflexology, health consulting/Liaison, education and exercise classes. Our Registered Nurse and Reflexologist are available via appointment only. We believe that the body can maintain and restore itself when the body is in balance. We provide the assistance to achieve that balance at NLA.

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