A Post-Job Economy?

5 May

Local visionary Frank Joyce has penned an insightful new piece on AlterNet summarizing the concept of "new work" and challenging the limits of the current mainstream economic debate.

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The Gentrifier's Blues and Other Urban Tales

24 Jan

Patrick Geans-Ali's thoughtful post in HuffPo Detroit raises interesting questions regarding the issue of gentrification, the role of newcomers to the city and the need to work together to create economic opportunity for everyone.

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Re-Imagining Work Conference

28 Oct

From Detroit, Mi, where industrial jobs are gone forever, to points across the globe, there are exciting and moving stories of invention and reinvention.


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Detroit, Michigan 48226
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Detroit-based Hantz Farms L.L.C. seeks to create the world’s largest urban farm on underutilized land in the city of Detroit.   The for profit venture aims to transform Detroit into a destination for fresh, locally grown natural foods, create a viable, beautiful  environment that will enhance  the City, attract tourism, increase the tax base, create jobs and greatly improve the quality of life in Detroit.

  • Hundreds of “green” jobs for local residents, with on-the-job education. We’ll help Detroit progress to the mixed economy that’s so important for our future.
  • A generous supply of fresh, local, safe produce for our families and the region. Hantz Farms will be a year-round operation, providing spring vegetables, a bounty of summer produce, pick-your-own pumpkins and Christmas trees. Not only will we grow for Detroit, but we’ll also be able to export our produce.
  • A cleaner, greener environment for our children. We’ll clear away the garbage, the blight, the debris, and in their place grow healthful crops and produce non-polluting wind energy. In every aspect of Hantz Farms, we plan to use only recyclable materials and aim to reduce waste to nearly zero. We’ll also reintroduce Detroiters to the beauty of nature.
  • Synergy for local businesses. Tourists coming in to Detroit to visit Hantz Farms—not just for an annual event, but on a daily basis—will patronize other businesses as well.
  • Consolidation of city resources. Detroit’s fire, police and public works departments can better serve city residents when freed from the burden of nearly abandoned neighborhoods.

Web: http://www.hantzfarmsde...
Email: contact@hantzfarmsdetroit.com

Detroit, Michigan 48226
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We are a consortium of People of Color led organizations and allies that share a commitment to creating a food security plan for Detroit that is: sustainable; that provides healthy, affordable foods for all of the city's people; that is based on best-practices and programs that work; and that is just and equitable in the distribution of food, jobs and profits.

Web: http://www.detroitfoodj...
Email: NA

New Cobo Slated to Be Yet Another Gas Guzzler?

3 Mar

There is no question that to remain competitive Cobo needs to be improved, expanded and fully adopted to the digital realities of business today. There are some outstanding aspects to the recently released plan, including the opening up and welcoming of the Detroit River into the Cobo "experience."

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4835 Michigan Ave,
Detroit, Michigan 48210

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WARM Training Center is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of resource efficient, affordable, healthy homes and communities through education, training, and technical assistance. WARM's services include:education, technical assistance, resources, and green jobs training.

Web: http://www.warmtraining...
Email: info@warmtraining.org

11850 Woodrow Wilson Street,
Detroit, Michigan 48206
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This is my story about a humanitarian project called The Empowerment Plan. Meet the Elements S[urvival] coat, the center of this system. It is self heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night. Made by the homeless hopefully that will be paid, fed and housed to create these coats for those living in deep homelessness. Jobs for those that desire them and coats for those that need them at no cost. My goal is to empower, employ, educate, and instil pride.

Web: http://detroitempowerme...
Email: NA