Can Vegan Cupcakes Save the Planet?

17 Jul

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Before you dismiss the headline as just another clever attempt to grab your attention and bring a smile to your face, consider these Livonia sisters who a few months ago took their vegan lifestyle and turned it into a new, local, green business.

Inspite of all the big names and big ticket (usually tax-payer subsidized) economic development deals that get the press, these young women really do represesent our best hope in revitalizing the local economy and creating opportunity. They had a commitment to healthier eating, a dream and the gumption to take a chance. How can our community encourage, support, train and mentor other folks who have their own dream?

To support Sweet Magnolias, give them a call to order some very tasty and healthy baked goods and help build the local economy one cupcake at a time. Find them by searching "Sweet Magnolias Vegan Cupcakes" on Facebook or via email:

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One Response to “Can Vegan Cupcakes Save the Planet?”

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